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Azan Clock
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Al Harameen Azan Table Clock HA-3005 

Muslim prayer time remind clock

Type: HA-3005
Function: can set the global city worship time, to worship the time, will automatically remind.
Automatic prayer clock functions:
1) 5 groups of prayer time (more than 1150 cities worldwide is optional, automatic updates daily prayer time)
2) Fajr alarm, automatic adjustment every day
3) can be set daily alarm (weekend optional)
4) QIBLA worship direction (bow down to the north direction)
5) HuiLi and Gregorian calendar switch display
6) temperature display
7) full screen lights
8) volume control switch (gradually JiangYin)
9) daylight savings time choice

Requires Batteries

Manufacturer: Al Harameen
Weight: 260g (approx)


Price: £24.00
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